Sprite Something 2.02 Submitted

Version 2.02 has been submitted to Apple, and includes a huge number of improvements and bug fixes. I’m really happy with how much better it has become with this update.

– dramatic drawing speed improvement for iPad 3
– iPhone 5 ready
– cut/copy uses system clipboard and can be used across documents
– onion skin retained between Spritesheets, appears centered for Spritesheets of different sizes
– preview image in Spritesheet edit view renders correctly when Auto-adjust frames is enabled
– color palettes cached
– eyedropper selecting completely transparent pixels defaults to black and doesn’t change pencil alpha
– recent colors reopen correctly after leaving screen and returning
– Relink Dropbox after revoked access
– option to create new or update existing from Dropbox file with same name (and dimensions)
– Dropbox and Library export allow larger size export, linked to Preview image scale
– App info added, includes link to documentation, report bugs within app
– stamp tool shows preview of stamp image in color button
– spritesheet/tilemap size and background color changes added to undo states
– selecting a recent color resets drawing tool to most recent that uses a color (pencil, line, shape, fill)
– button added to Tilemap view to quickly edit the Spritesheet used by the Tilemap
– other bug fixes

Now I need to go update the documentation…