Matthew Klundt


Created February 4-5 at PegJam 2012 in Winnipeg.        

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Risk/Reward Game

Move through the house without getting caught by the police. STEAL items earn cash. ENTER rooms to find more items and avoid police. HIDE behind objects to prevent detection. ESCAPE with as much loot as you can.


ARROWS to move, hold Z to HIDE behind objects, X to STEAL objects, UP or Z to ENTER doors.


Windows   Mac

Play Burgle on your computer at 1024x768. This standalone version also retains high scores.

Arcade Near You?!

Play Burgle on the Winnitron Indie Game Arcade Network!


Created by Matthew Klundt (@mattfox12). Artwork and tilemaps created on iPad/iPhone using Sprite Something. Special thanks to Flixel, Bit Collective, and Lynn Klundt.


3/19/2012: Adjusted code for smoother camera, added download links to this page.

3/13/2012: Climb stairs by holding up/down while running. Timer fades out when no more police will show.

3/12/2012: Change direction while climbing stairs. Countdown timer for how long you can hide. Shortened police wait time between movements. Adjusted objects, collision.

3/9/2012: More music/SFX added for game cues and Pawn Shop. Added windows to main hallways. Adjusted objects slightly.

3/5/2012: HIDE button changed to hold instead of toggle, updated collision rects on some objects.

3/4/2012: Level Summary added, two endings occur based on beating highscore. Z and UP keys open doors.

2/25/2012: Menu screen is now part of gameplay, added/adjusted objects.

2/23/2012: Music & SFX fade when changing screens.

2/22/2012: Added menu screen, attract mode, session highscores (will keep record later), arrows for offscreen police.

2/17/2012: Fixed mismatched door nodes, police can catch you while climbing stairs, smoothed camera jitter when walking slowly.

2/16/2012: Music, SFX, more stealable objects, police search more thoroughly.

2/12/2012: Uploaded first version.