Sprite Something 2.0 Submitted

Sprite Something v2.0 has been submitted to the App Store for approval.¬†What’s new in this update:

  • iCloud – sync spritesheets, tilemaps and color palettes across your devices!
  • Dropbox Import/Export
  • Photo Library Import/Export
  • Rectangle and Circle tools
  • Improved navigation flow (especially on iPhone)
  • Twitter message integration (not GIF’s yet)
  • Faster Tilemap drawing
  • Fill/Magic Erase All option
  • Adjust Select rectangle before choosing Cut/Copy/Delete
  • Show/Hide tool options (iPad)
  • GIF’s now use compression and display across browsers correctly
  • Speed improvement when using background image
  • Add notes to your spritesheets and tilemaps
  • Lot’s of bug fixes

One major note is that this update requires iOS 5.0+. I made this decision because: 1. it is available for all current iPad devices, 2. has a nice Twitter API, 3. made my life easier. I hope this isn’t a major conflict for anybody using the program out there.

Sprite Something page at Terrible Games